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RFC7886 - Advertising Seamless Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (S-BFD) Discriminators in the Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3)
This document defines a new Attribute-Value Pair (AVP) that allows L2TP Control Connection Endpoints (LCCEs) to advertise one or more Seamless Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (S-BFD) Discriminator values using the Layer Two Tunneling Protocol version 3 (L2TPv3).
RFC8159 - Keyed IPv6 Tunnel
This document describes a tunnel encapsulation for Ethernet over IPv6 with a mandatory 64-bit cookie for connecting Layer 2 (L2) Ethernet attachment circuits identified by IPv6 addresses. The encapsulation is based on the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3) over IP and does not use the L2TPv3 control plane.