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RFC8965 - Applicability of the Babel Routing Protocol
Babel is a routing protocol based on the distance-vector algorithm augmented with mechanisms for loop avoidance and starvation avoidance. This document describes a number of niches where Babel has been found to be useful and that are arguably not adequately served by more mature protocols.
RFC8966 - The Babel Routing Protocol
Babel is a loop-avoiding, distance-vector routing protocol that is robust and efficient both in ordinary wired networks and in wireless mesh networks. This document describes the Babel routing protocol and obsoletes RFC 6126 and RFC 7557.
RFC8967 - MAC Authentication for the Babel Routing Protocol
This document describes a cryptographic authentication mechanism for the Babel routing protocol that has provisions for replay avoidance. This document obsoletes RFC 7298.
RFC8968 - Babel Routing Protocol over Datagram Transport Layer Security
The Babel Routing Protocol does not contain any means to authenticate neighbours or provide integrity or confidentiality for messages sent between them. This document specifies a mechanism to ensure these properties using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS).
RFC9046 - Babel Information Model
The Babel information model provides structured data elements for a Babel implementation reporting its current state and may allow limited configuration of some such data elements. This information model can be used as a basis for creating data models under various data modeling regimes. This information model only includes parameters and parameter values useful for managing Babel over IPv6.
RFC9079 - Source-Specific Routing in the Babel Routing Protocol
Source-specific routing, also known as Source Address Dependent Routing (SADR), is an extension to traditional next-hop routing where packets are forwarded according to both their destination address and their source address. This document describes an extension for source-specific routing to the Babel routing protocol.
RFC9229 - IPv4 Routes with an IPv6 Next Hop in the Babel Routing Protocol
This document defines an extension to the Babel routing protocol that allows announcing routes to an IPv4 prefix with an IPv6 next hop, which makes it possible for IPv4 traffic to flow through interfaces that have not been assigned an IPv4 address.
RFC9467 - Relaxed Packet Counter Verification for Babel MAC Authentication
This document relaxes the packet verification rules defined in "MAC Authentication for the Babel Routing Protocol" (RFC 8967) in order to make the protocol more robust in the presence of packet reordering. This document updates RFC 8967.