1. RFC 0844
Network Working Group                                 R. Clements
Request for Comments:  844                            February 1983

		   Who Talks ICMP, too?
		Survey of 18 February 1983

A survey was undertaken to determine how many hosts are able to
respond to TELNET connections from a user at a class C site. This
requires, in addition to IP and TCP, participation in gateway routing
via ICMP and handling of class C addresses.

The list of hosts was taken from RFC843, extracting only those
hosts which are listed there as accepting TELNET connections.

The tests were run on 18-Feb-83 from 3 PM to 6:30 PM EST
from a terminal concentrator located at, at BBN.
This net (192.1.2.xxx) is connected to the internet through
a routing gateway, and this terminal concentrator speaks ICMP
including redirection and reporting to the user.

The connection attempts were done manually by typing the
dotted form addresses, so only three passes were made through
the table of hosts. Therefore a few may have been missed due
to being down at these times.

Summary information:

Type			# OK	out of	% OK
----			----	------  ----

On net 10		77	121	63.6%
other class A		20	34	58.8%
non-class A		30	32	93.8%

Total			127	187	67.9%

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Results in host table order:

Name               Address       Result
----               -------       ------
ll              no response
compion-vms       no response
ames-tss        refused
mitre           OK
radc-multics       OK
nbs-vms         no response
usc-eclb        OK
nadc            OK
seismo          OK
usc-isid        OK
brl             no response
nosc-cc          OK
cca-unix        OK
parc-maxc       OK
purdue          OK
utah-cs          host unreachable
wpafb           no response
afwl            no response
bbn-tenexb       OK
bbnf             OK
ada-vax         no response
afsc-ad         no response
cit-20          OK
sumex-aim       OK
nyu             no response
mit-multics        OK
utexas-11       OK
usgs1-multics       OK
usgs2-multics       OK
usgs3-multics       OK
sri-nic         OK
ucb-arpa        no response
nrl              no response
hi-multics       OK
dtnsrdc         OK
bbnt            OK
nswc-dl         OK
sandia          OK
nlm-mcs         OK
lanl-unix       OK
washington       OK

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ucla-ccn         OK
ll-vlsi         OK
compion         no response
gunter-adam       OK
cmu-cs-a        OK
nbs-sdc         no response
sri-kl           OK
lll-mfe         OK
usc-isi         OK
usc-eclc        OK
apg-1           OK
cca-vms         refused
lbl-csam        no response
wpafb-afwal       no response
bbng             OK
usc-isie        OK
cit-vax         no response
anl-mcs         no response
mit-dms          OK
utexas-20       OK
martin-b        OK
rand-relay        OK
bbn-unix        OK
mit-devmultics       host unreachable
dec-marlboro       OK
nrl-aic          OK
nalcon          no response
bbn-vax         OK
nswc-g          no response
office-10       no response
csnet-sh        OK
srijoyce        no response
ucla-security        OK
sri-csl          OK
isi-vaxa        OK
office-3        no response
sri-unix        no response
usc-isif        OK
afsc-dev        no response
aids-unix       host unreachable
rutgers         OK
mit-ai           OK
aerospace       OK
sri-ai          OK
ucb-vax         no response
nswc-wo          no response

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ucla-ats         OK
su-score        OK
cmu-cs-c        OK
radc-tops20       OK
sri-tsc          no response
edn-unix        OK
usc-ecl         OK
brl-bmd         no response
nprdc            OK
kestrel         no response
utah-20          OK
office-7        no response
mit-mc          OK
okc-unix        host unreachable
bbn-tenexc       OK
bbna             OK
sri-prmh        no response
usc-isib        OK
jpl-vax         no response
mit-ml           OK
rand-unix        OK
sri-iu          no response
mcclellan       no response 
nsrdcoa         no response
bbns            host unreachable
nwc-387b        OK
uw-vlsi         OK
s1-c            OK
ll-en           no response
dca-ems         OK
bbn-clxx        OK
bbn-rsm         no response 
bbn-noc2        OK
nrl-css          OK
ucl-cs          OK
ucl-ucl2        OK
cmu-cs-ius   OK
cmu-cs-vlsi   OK
cmu-cs-zog   OK
cmu-cs-g    OK
cmu-cs-cad   OK
cmu-ri-fas   OK
cmu-cs-spice   OK
cmu-cs-gandalf   OK
cmu-ri-isl   OK
cmu-cs-speech   OK
cmu-cs-unh   no response
cmu-ri-arm   OK
cmu-ri-isl2   OK
cmu-cs-pt   OK

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dcn1            OK
dcn2            OK
dcn3            OK
dcn5            OK
dcn6            OK
ford1           OK
ford3           OK
ford4           OK
ford-lab        OK
ford-ecc       OK
ford-ers       OK
ford-eed       OK
ford-wdl1      no response
ford-wdl6      OK
umd1            OK
umd3            OK
umd5            OK
mit-csr         no response
mit-ajax       no response
mit-cls        no response
csnet-sh        OK
edn-host1        host unreachable
bbncca            OK
bbnccf            OK
bbnx              OK
csnet-cic        OK
bbn-noc          OK
bbnccb            OK
bbn-admin         OK
bbnz              OK
bbnccc            OK
bbnp              OK
bbn-inoc          OK
bbnq              OK
bbny              OK
bbnccd            OK
bbncci            OK
bbnw              OK
bbn-cd            OK
ucbarpa          no response
ucbcad           no response
ucbernie         no response
ucbmonet         no response
ucbesvax         no response
ucbvax          no response
ucbkim          no response
ucbcalder       no response
ucbmatisse       no response
ucbingres       no response
ndre1           OK

		-- end --
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  1. RFC 0844