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RFC8255 - Multiple Language Content Type
This document defines the 'multipart/multilingual' content type, which is an addition to the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) standard. This content type makes it possible to send one message that contains multiple language versions of the same information. The translations would be identified by a language tag and selected by the email client based on a user's language settings.
RFC8373 - Negotiating Human Language in Real-Time Communications
Users have various human (i.e., natural) language needs, abilities, and preferences regarding spoken, written, and signed languages. This document defines new Session Description Protocol (SDP) media- level attributes so that when establishing interactive communication sessions ("calls"), it is possible to negotiate (i.e., communicate and match) the caller's language and media needs with the capabilities of the called party. This is especially important for emergency calls, because it allows for a call to be handled by a call taker capable of communicating with the user or for a translator or relay operator to be bridged into the call during setup. However, this also applies to non-emergency calls (for example, calls to a company call center).
This document describes the need as well as a solution that uses new SDP media attributes.