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RFC8620 - The JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP)
This document specifies a protocol for clients to efficiently query, fetch, and modify JSON-based data objects, with support for push notification of changes and fast resynchronisation and for out-of- band binary data upload/download.
RFC8621 - The JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) for Mail
This document specifies a data model for synchronising email data with a server using the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP). Clients can use this to efficiently search, access, organise, and send messages, and to get push notifications for fast resynchronisation when new messages are delivered or a change is made in another client.
RFC8887 - A JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) Subprotocol for WebSocket
This document defines a binding for the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) over a WebSocket transport layer. The WebSocket binding for JMAP provides higher performance than the current HTTP binding for JMAP.