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RFC8437 - IMAP UNAUTHENTICATE Extension for Connection Reuse
This specification extends the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) to allow an administrative client to reuse the same IMAP connection on behalf of multiple IMAP user identities.
RFC8438 - IMAP Extension for STATUS=SIZE
This document adds a new capability called "STATUS=SIZE" to the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). It allows retrieving the total storage size of a mailbox with a single STATUS command rather than retrieving and summing the sizes of all individual messages in that mailbox.
RFC8440 - IMAP4 Extension for Returning MYRIGHTS Information in Extended LIST
This document defines an extension to the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) LIST command that allows the client to request the set of rights that the logged-in user has been granted on mailboxes, along with other information typically returned by the LIST command.
RFC8457 - IMAP "$Important" Keyword and "\Important" Special-Use Attribute
RFC 6154 created an IMAP special-use LIST extension and defined an initial set of attributes. This document defines a new attribute, "\Important", and establishes a new IANA registry for IMAP folder attributes, which include the attributes defined in RFCs 5258, 3501, and 6154. This document also defines a new IMAP keyword, "$Important", and registers it in the registry defined in RFC 5788.
RFC8474 - IMAP Extension for Object Identifiers
This document updates RFC 3501 (IMAP4rev1) with persistent identifiers on mailboxes and messages to allow clients to more efficiently reuse cached data when resources have changed location on the server.
RFC8508 - IMAP REPLACE Extension
This document defines an IMAP extension that can be used to replace an existing message in a message store with a new message. Message replacement is a common operation for clients that automatically save drafts or notes as a user composes them.
RFC8514 - Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - SAVEDATE Extension
This document adds a new capability called "SAVEDATE" to the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). It defines a new IMAP message attribute called "save date" that, unlike the existing "internal date" attribute, always indicates the moment at which the message was saved in its current mailbox. The SAVEDATE capability extends the FETCH command with the means to retrieve the save date attribute and extends the SEARCH command to allow using the save date attribute in searching criteria.
RFC8579 - Sieve Email Filtering: Delivering to Special-Use Mailboxes
The SPECIAL-USE capability of the IMAP protocol (RFC 6154) allows clients to identify special-use mailboxes, e.g., where draft or sent messages should be put. This simplifies client configuration. In contrast, the Sieve mail filtering language (RFC 5228) currently has no such capability. This memo defines a Sieve extension that fills this gap: it adds a test for checking whether a special-use attribute is assigned for a particular mailbox or any mailbox, and it adds the ability to file messages into a mailbox identified solely by a special-use attribute.
RFC8580 - Sieve Extension: File Carbon Copy (FCC)
The Sieve email filtering language provides a number of action commands, some of which can generate additional messages on behalf of the user. This document defines an extension to such commands to allow a copy of any generated message to be filed into a target mailbox.
This document updates RFCs 5230 and 5435 by adding a new tagged argument to the Vacation and Notify actions, respectively.
RFC8970 - IMAP4 Extension: Message Preview Generation
This document specifies an Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) protocol extension that allows a client to request a server-generated abbreviated text representation of message data that is useful as a contextual preview of the entire message.
RFC9042 - Sieve Email Filtering: Delivery by MAILBOXID
The OBJECTID capability of IMAP (RFC 8474) allows clients to identify mailboxes by a unique identifier that survives renaming.
This document extends the Sieve email filtering language (RFC 5228) to allow using that same unique identifier as a target for fileinto rules and for testing the existence of mailboxes.
RFC9051 - Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - Version 4rev2
The Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4rev2 (IMAP4rev2) allows a client to access and manipulate electronic mail messages on a server. IMAP4rev2 permits manipulation of mailboxes (remote message folders) in a way that is functionally equivalent to local folders. IMAP4rev2 also provides the capability for an offline client to resynchronize with the server.
IMAP4rev2 includes operations for creating, deleting, and renaming mailboxes; checking for new messages; removing messages permanently; setting and clearing flags; parsing per RFCs 5322, 2045, and 2231; searching; and selective fetching of message attributes, texts, and portions thereof. Messages in IMAP4rev2 are accessed by the use of numbers. These numbers are either message sequence numbers or unique identifiers.
IMAP4rev2 does not specify a means of posting mail; this function is handled by a mail submission protocol such as the one specified in RFC 6409.
RFC9122 - IANA Registry for Sieve Actions
The Sieve Email Filtering Language (RFC 5228) is a popular email filtering language used upon final mail delivery. This document creates a registry for Sieve actions to help developers and Sieve extension writers track interactions between different extensions.
RFC9208 - IMAP QUOTA Extension
This document defines a QUOTA extension of the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) (see RFCs 3501 and 9051) that permits administrative limits on resource usage (quotas) to be manipulated through the IMAP protocol.
This document obsoletes RFC 2087 but attempts to remain backwards compatible whenever possible.
RFC9394 - IMAP PARTIAL Extension for Paged SEARCH and FETCH
The PARTIAL extension of the Internet Message Access Protocol (see RFCs 3501 and 9051) allows clients to limit the number of SEARCH results returned, as well as to perform incremental (paged) searches. This also helps servers to optimize resource usage when performing searches.
This document extends the PARTIAL SEARCH return option originally specified in RFC 5267. It also clarifies some interactions between RFC 5267 and RFCs 4731 and 9051.
This document updates RFCs 4731 and 5267.
RFC9585 - IMAP Response Code for Command Progress Notifications
This document defines a new IMAP untagged response code, "INPROGRESS", that provides progress notifications regarding the status of long-running commands.
RFC9586 - IMAP Extension for Using and Returning Unique Identifiers (UIDs) Only
The UIDONLY extension to the Internet Message Access Protocol (RFCs 3501 and 9051) allows clients to enable a mode in which information about mailbox changes is returned using only Unique Identifiers (UIDs). Message numbers are not returned in responses and cannot be used in requests once this extension is enabled. This helps both clients and servers to reduce resource usage required to maintain a map between message numbers and UIDs.
This document defines an experimental IMAP extension.
RFC9590 - IMAP Extension for Returning Mailbox METADATA in Extended LIS
This document defines an extension to the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) LIST command that allows the client to request mailbox annotations (metadata), along with other information typically returned by the LIST command.