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RFC7070 - An Architecture for Reputation Reporting
This document describes a general architecture for a reputation-based service, allowing one to request reputation-related data over the Internet, where "reputation" refers to predictions or expectations about an entity or an identifier such as a domain name. The document roughly follows the recommendations of RFC 4101 for describing a protocol model.
RFC7071 - A Media Type for Reputation Interchange
This document defines the format of reputation response data ("reputons"), the media type for packaging it, and definition of a registry for the names of reputation applications and response sets.
RFC7072 - A Reputation Query Protocol
This document defines a mechanism to conduct queries for reputation information over the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as the payload meta-format.
RFC7073 - A Reputation Response Set for Email Identifiers
This document defines a response set for describing assertions a reputation service provider can make about email identifiers, for use in generating reputons.