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RFC1891 - SMTP Service Extension for Delivery Status Notifications
This memo defines an extension to the SMTP service, which allows an SMTP client to specify (a) that delivery status notifications (DSNs) should be generated under certain conditions, (b) whether such notifications should return the contents of the message, and (c) additional information, to be returned with a DSN, that allows the sender to identify both the recipient(s) for which the DSN was issued, and the transaction in which the original message was sent. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC1892 - The Multipart/Report Content Type for the Reporting of Mail System Administrative Messages
The Multipart/Report MIME content-type is a general "family" or "container" type for electronic mail reports of any kind. Although this memo defines only the use of the Multipart/Report content-type with respect to delivery status reports, mail processing programs will benefit if a single content-type is used to for all kinds of reports. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC1893 - Enhanced Mail System Status Codes
There currently is not a standard mechanism for the reporting of mail system errors except for the limited set offered by SMTP and the system specific text descriptions sent in mail messages. There is a pressing need for a rich machine readable status code for use in delivery status notifications [DSN]. This document proposes a new set of status codes for this purpose. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC1894 - An Extensible Message Format for Delivery Status Notifications
This memo defines a MIME content-type that may be used by a message transfer agent (MTA) or electronic mail gateway to report the result of an attempt to deliver a message to one or more recipients. [STANDARDS-TRACK]