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RFC1494 - Equivalences between 1988 X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies
This document describes the content of the "IANA MHS/MIME Equivalence table", and defines the initial configuration of this table. Mappings for new MIME content-types and/or X.400 body part types should be registered with the IANA to minimize redundancy and promote interoperability. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC1495 - Mapping between X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies
Since the introduction of X.400(84), there has been work ongoing for defining mappings between MHS and RFC-822. The most recent work in this area is RFC-1327 [3], which focuses primarily on translation of envelope and headers. This document is complimentary to RFC-1327 as it focuses on translation of the message body. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC1496 - Rules for downgrading messages from X.400/88 to X.400/84 when MIME content-types are present in the messages
This document describes how RFC-1328 must be modified in order to provide adequate support for the scenarios: It replaces chapter 6 of RFC-1328. The rest of RFC-1328 is NOT obsoleted. [STANDARDS-TRACK]