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RFC2389 - Feature negotiation mechanism for the File Transfer Protocol
This document provides a mechanism by which clients of the FTP protocol can discover which new features are supported by a particular FTP server. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC2428 - FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs
This paper specifies extensions to FTP that will allow the protocol to work over IPv4 and IPv6. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC2577 - FTP Security Considerations
This document provides suggestions for system administrators and those implementing FTP servers that will decrease the security problems associated with FTP. This memo provides information for the Internet community.
RFC2640 - Internationalization of the File Transfer Protocol
This document addresses the internationalization (I18n) of FTP, which includes supporting the multiple character sets and languages found throughout the Internet community. This is achieved by extending the FTP specification and giving recommendations for proper internationalization support. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC3659 - Extensions to FTP
This document specifies new FTP commands to obtain listings of remote directories in a defined format, and to permit restarts of interrupted data transfers in STREAM mode. It allows character sets other than US-ASCII, and also defines an optional virtual file storage structure. [STANDARDS-TRACK]