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RFC2445 - Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)
This memo has been defined to provide the definition of a common format for openly exchanging calendaring and scheduling information across the Internet. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC2446 - iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP) Scheduling Events, BusyTime, To-dos and Journal Entries
This document specifies how calendaring systems use iCalendar objects to interoperate with other calendar systems. It does so in a general way so as to allow multiple methods of communication between systems. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC2447 - iCalendar Message-Based Interoperability Protocol (iMIP)
This document specifies a binding from the iCalendar Transport- independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP) to Internet email-based transports. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC2739 - Calendar Attributes for vCard and LDAP
This memo defines three mechanisms for obtaining a URI to a user's calendar and free/busy time. [STANDARDS-TRACK]
RFC3283 - Guide to Internet Calendaring
This document describes the various Internet calendaring and scheduling standards and works in progress, and the relationships between them. Its intent is to provide a context for these documents, assist in their understanding, and potentially aid in the design of standards-based calendaring and scheduling systems. The standards addressed are RFC 2445 (iCalendar), RFC 2446 (iTIP), and RFC 2447 (iMIP). The work in progress addressed is "Calendar Access Protocol" (CAP). This document also describes issues and problems that are not solved by these protocols, and that could be targets for future work. This memo provides information for the Internet community.