MIB Smithy

Major Features

  • Import/Export SMIv1 MIB Modules (RFCs 1065, 1155, 1212, 1215)
  • Import/Export SMIv2 MIB Modules (RFCs 2576, 2578, 2579, 2580)
  • Import/Export COPS-PR-SPPI PIB Modules (RFC 3159)
  • Import/Export MOSY .defs file format; generate MIB Module(s) from a .defs file!
  • Export Identifier List and OID Tree formats
  • Create custom compiler formats with MIB Smithy Pro or SDK
  • Automatic MIB extraction from text files/RFC documents
  • Export modules to XML with thorough, detailed XML Schema
  • Import modules from XML with MIB Smithy Pro or SDK
  • Built-in Compiler/Validation tool
  • Work concurrently on as many MIB Modules or MIB Files as you want
  • Automatic SMI syntax checking and error correction
  • Well over 560 MIB Validation checks performed to ensure SMI compliance
  • Built-in SNMP Management Tools: MIB Browser, SNMP Walk, SNMP Query, Table View, Trap Watch
  • Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 with MD5 or SHA authentication and DES or AES privacy/encryption
  • Explorer-style project manager for quick navigation and selection
  • Preview changes to individual modules or whole files with context-sensitive highlighting
  • Properties organized in easy to navigate tabbed pages
  • Search features and extensive filters make finding the right data type, record name, OID, etc. easy
  • Automatic Object Identifier Value assignment
  • New Table Wizard to make creating tables quick and easy
  • 10 command line tools for extracing modules from RFCs, validating MIB files, and performing SNMP management tasks.
  • Built-in filesystem explorer tied into project management
  • Customizable GUI Layout, Panel Size, Components for all levels of expertise.
  • Built-in Text File Editor integrated with Compiler Log
  • Pop-up Calendar for REVISION/LAST-UPDATED Date/Time Selection